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Paver Tile Installed on a Pool Deck Concrete Resurfacing by J & T ServicePaver Tile Installed on a Pool Deck
Concrete Resurfacing by J & T Service
We started out working in concrete, and we're pretty darn good at it. We do it all: Concrete Slab work like sidewalks, patios and driveways,  Pavers and Tiling, Decorative Finishes and Resurfacing Treatments, and recently we added incredible Concrete Countertops for your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor patio areas.

Cement Flat or Slab Projects

Our Cement Slab work ranges from cement floors & driveways, to patios and sidewalks. It can be simple poured concrete, interesting patterns with pavers, or elegant surfaces brushed or etched onto the concrete.

Decorative Resurfacing and Concrete Repair

Often your concrete or cement patio or driveway is structurally fine, but discolored, stained, or with other surface problems. In that case, we'll suggest resurfacing it with one of a wide array of products. We can add pavers or tiles like in the pool deck project below.

We can use a painted-on epoxy type of treatment in a wide variety of colors or patterns to mimic pebbles to tiles to wood grains. Similar to painted on surfaces are stains and polishes that actually become part of the cement.

Building a Curved Cement Patio Bench

Replacing a Curved Pool Curb

Filling in a Sunken Living Room