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Home Remodeling and Repair Services

At J & T Services, we can handle most any kind of home remodeling or improvement project you have in mind.  Here are some of the best home improvements:

Install Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Renovations by J & T ServiceInstall Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Renovations by J & T Service
At J & T Service, we love doing new kitchen renovation projects. Installing new kitchen cabinets, sink, appliances and floors will make your home seem like new.

A kitchen renovation is great for your home value! Kitchen remodels traditionally bring the best return on your investment if you're planning to sell anytime in the next few years.

Smooth Cream Color Custom Made Cement Countertops by J and T ServiceSmooth Cream Color Custom Made
Cement Countertop by J and T Service
When you hear the phrase Concrete Countertops, likely the first thing you think of is the cement picnic tables at many parks. They are coarse and gray.  In reality, today's cement countertops are as beautiful as granite, quartz or other fine stone but at a much lower price.

All of the fine decorating magazines have done articles raving about cement countertops and sinks. You'll be amazed at the looks we can create.

We custom cast these countertops and sinks precisely for your kitchen in the finish and color of your choice. We can make them as smooth as glass, and can even insert mica chips for a bit of "sparkle."  You'll find some of the color examples we have below, but don't feel you're limited to the colors below, we can make just about any color you can imagine.

Tile Shower Remodel - Bathroom Remodels by J & T ServiceTile Shower Remodel 
Bathroom Remodels by J & T Service
Imagine how much more luxurious your bathroom would be with a beautiful new tile shower or with a stylish new sink and cabinet. J & T Service can make it happen at an affordable price, just like we've made it happen for many other homeowners in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Chandler and Tempe, Gilbert and Mesa. We do many bathroom remodels each year, but we still have time for yours.

You'll like our communication, craftsmanship, and appreciate dealing with the owner every time.

Paver Tile Installed on a Pool Deck Concrete Resurfacing by J & T ServicePaver Tile Installed on a Pool Deck
Concrete Resurfacing by J & T Service
We started out working in concrete, and we're pretty darn good at it. We do it all: Concrete Slab work like sidewalks, patios and driveways,  Pavers and Tiling, Decorative Finishes and Resurfacing Treatments, and recently we added incredible Concrete Countertops for your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor patio areas.

We're not limited to just kitchens, bathrooms and cement work. As a Home Remodeling and Repair contractor, we do just about anything.