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Smooth Cream Color Custom Made Cement Countertops by J and T ServiceSmooth Cream Color Custom Made
Cement Countertop by J and T Service
When you hear the phrase Concrete Countertops, likely the first thing you think of is the cement picnic tables at many parks. They are coarse and gray.  In reality, today's cement countertops are as beautiful as granite, quartz or other fine stone but at a much lower price.

All of the fine decorating magazines have done articles raving about cement countertops and sinks. You'll be amazed at the looks we can create.

We custom cast these countertops and sinks precisely for your kitchen in the finish and color of your choice. We can make them as smooth as glass, and can even insert mica chips for a bit of "sparkle."  You'll find some of the color examples we have below, but don't feel you're limited to the colors below, we can make just about any color you can imagine.

Some Concrete Countertop Examples


Concrete Countertop Colors


Concrete countertop images and colors courtesy of our supplier, Buddy Rhodes Concrete, America's premier concrete artisan.